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RaceBox Troubleshooting Guide

If you experience a problem with your RaceBox consult the following guide to quickly resolve it

The unit does not power on

Leave it disconnected from charger for at least 24 hours. Then connect it, wait for few minutes and try again.

The unit does not appear to be charging

Make sure the USB Type C-to-A cable is fully inserted on both ends and try with a different charger.

RaceBox GPS indicator does not change from "No Fix"

Make sure the unit has clear and unobstructed view to the sky. RaceBox is designed to be mounted on the windshield of a car and mounting it further inside will degrade its performance. If you don't have the option to mount it properly use the external antenna.

Go to the GPS Settings and make sure you have the internal/external antenna correctly selected for your setup.

Make sure there aren't any objects covering the GPS antenna.

The unit turned off unexpectedly

Make sure the unit is not exposed to excessive heat or cold and that the battery is sufficiently charged. Try operating it with charger connected if necessary.

The unit is stuck on one screen and no button exits it

Hold all four buttons on the device for 10 seconds. That should turn it off completely. Please contact us with information how that happened

The recorded drag/lap times differ significantly from time measured with other equipment

RaceBox delivers very accurate timing results compared to official timing equipment. If you are comparing it with other GPS-based systems keep in mind that both may be slightly off in different ways, resulting in noticeable differences.

For Lap Timer mode make sure you have selected the correct track and configuration - different location of the start/finish line will result in different lap times.

For Drag Meter mode make sure you are measuring the exact same discipline with 1 foot rollout correctly configured.

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