RaceBox Mobile App

Explore the full potential of RaceBox products with our purpose-built app, delivering outstanding feature set. Available for iOS 14+ and Android 10+.
Take a look at just a few of the features below.

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Track Analysis

For the Lap Timer sessions, you can see all the info you need to become a faster and better driver. Check all your laps in every single session lap by lap with speed and g-force graphs, racing lines, sector times, and so on. You can even compare two laps to identify different ways to improve yourself.

Drag Analysis

In the Drag Meter sessions, you can check everything within greater detail as well. You can dig in every single session and analyze the measurements of every single point. Detailed speed and g-force graphs help you analyze your car’s performance and you can easily check where you can optimize your time by comparing two runs.


Send your custom tracks and sessions to your friends. Compare an analyse your results together

Mini Live Lap Timer

When the Lap Timer mode is entered, you’re presented with a nice, big, and easily readable UI, giving you all the needed information with just a glimpse of an eye. See your lap, sector, and predicted times, how faster or slower you’re on your current lap, and more without losing focus from your perfect racing line.

Mini Live Drag Meter

When the Drag Meter mode is entered, you’re once again presented with a nice, big, and easily readable UI. At your disposal is all the data you need - setpoint and predicted run times, live GPS speed, live G-Forces, slopes for every single setpoint, and even some additional things such as current DA value and outside temperature.


Quick, easy, and stable connection to your RaceBox device. Open the app, connect and you’re ready to go! Control your RaceBox device, check its status, update its firmware, enter a session mode of your choosing, etc. All with just a tap of a button with the easy and user-friendly UI.


The "More" tab lets you check the track database, create different custom tracks, edit your account information, switch from metric to imperial, check the user manual, and more. It is a one-stop place for everything you are going to need for your RaceBox device.

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