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Introducing RaceBox Micro

Welcome the next evolution in precision location technology tailored for DIY enthusiasts: the RaceBox Micro.

Alongside the established RaceBox Protocol, the RaceBox Micro also supports NMEA standard over BLE. This extends compatibility with a variety of existing applications. Perfect for developers and tech enthusiasts, this broadens the device's utility and integration ease. Comprehensive API documentation, including detailed guides and message examples, is readily available to facilitate smooth and straightforward adoption.

Equipped with the latest generation 25Hz GNSS receiver boasting precision as fine as 10cm (4 inches), this device delivers over 99.5% measurement accuracy to within a hundredth of a second, closely mirroring the results of official lap and drag timing equipment.

The RaceBox Micro includes built-in storage, allowing for over 2 hours of data capture at a 25Hz sampling rate, or more than 5 hours at 10Hz, directly within its integrated storage. This feature ensures ample space to track your performance without the need for phone mounting. Additionally, a dedicated hardware button simplifies session management, enabling you to start and stop recording effortlessly without needing to connect to a mobile app.
The orientation towards DIY fans underscores our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and community-driven development, making the RaceBox Micro not just a tool for performance enhancement but also a canvas for creativity and ingenuity in the hands of hobbyists and developers alike.

The RaceBox Micro has been designed as a bare board device, which significantly reduces its size and weight to a mere 15 grams. This ultra-lightweight design makes it highly versatile and unobtrusive, allowing it to be used on virtually any object without adding significant weight. Whether you're tracking small gadgets or large vehicles, its minimal footprint ensures no impact on handling or functionality.

The technology

  • 25Hz GNSS Module
    Simultaneous tracking of GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, SBAS, QZSS
  • Bluetooth 5.2
    Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • 3.5-16V voltage range
    20mA recording, < 1mA standby consumption
  • Small, lightweight
    25x40x12 mm, 15 gr
    0.98x1.57x0.47 inch, 0.5 oz
  • High Precision Accelerometer
    +/- 8G range
  • High Precision Gyroscope
    +/- 320dps range
  • Internal storage for over 2 hours of data at 25Hz (5 hours at 10Hz)
  • Start/stop standalone recording with a press of a button

Open To Developers and Tinkerers

If you want to integrate the RaceBox Micro in your own app or DIY project, please check out the protocol documentation.

We also provide detailed technical specification and a STEP file

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