Frequently Answered Questions

Can I use this on a boat/bike/go-kart/drone/something else?

You can certainly try! But please be advised this product is designed for use in a car on a track/drag strip. It does not have ingress protection, so at least keep it away from water. You will also have to figure out your own way to mount it - any GoPro compatible mounting kit should work.

How do you measure the timing accuracy? Is it guaranteed?

Location and timing accuracy depend on many external factors, such as mounting and surrounding obstacles. We have tested on many vehicles (both ordinary and professional) and in various locations (ranging from open fields to forests, valleys and mountains) and we are only advertising the results we get. Worst case scenario: in a mountain valley, surrounded by trees, in a car with front window heaters. Even in these conditions RaceBox still retains accuracy below 1 meter. On a sunny day on the track you easily get <0.2meters (8 inch). Just in case, the device comes equipped with optional external GPS antenna if you cannot mount the device in a way that allows good reception of GPS signal.

During our extensive testing we compared RaceBox to official timing gear many times and from all the results we got, the accuracy was within a hundred of a second in more than 99% of the cases.

Do you support measuring rolling acceleration tests (such as 100-200 kph or 60-130mph), etc?

Yes, we do.

Do you support measuring braking distance?

Yes, we do

Do you support use in hill-climb events?

Yes, we do. But you may have to configure the start and finish line via the application as usually these courses are not in our database.

Does RaceBox support OBD/OBD2 connection?

Not yet. We have plans to add such features, but it may be in future versions of the hardware.

Does RaceBox support recording video?

Not yet. We will add video recording and data overlaying in the application, using the smartphone camera. Building our own external camera is on the roadmap.

Where can I download the application from?

It is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play:
Get RaceBox app on Google Play

Can I use RaceBox on my favorite race track (insert name here)?

Even though we have thousands of tracks in our cloud database it is still possible we have missed yours. You can either drop us an email so we can quickly add it or you can create it on your own via the application or the RaceBox itself.

Why don't you use 20Hz GPS?

It is common misunderstanding that a GPS receiver with higher update rate (more hertz) gives you better results and performance. The truth is that the most important thing for a GPS is to be accurate. Unfortunately with the currently available technologies higher update rates actually reduce accuracy.

We have spent a lot of time over the years doing experiments in this area and have concluded that running at lower (10Hz) rate results in better timing accuracy, compared to official lap/drag timing equipment.

As soon as the technology allows us to run at 20Hz or more without loosing timing/positioning accuracy we will be very happy to switch.

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