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How To Export RaceBox Sessions

All sessions recorded with the RaceBox app are uploaded to our cloud and available for export via our website. This allows you to analyze your driving performance with 3rd party apps or render overlays for video.

To export your sessions first you have to login your account. After that the navigation menu of the website will contain a link to a new page - My Sessions. Click on it and you will access your cloud data.

Your sessions are split into two lists - drag and track sessions. Click on the tabs above the list to switch between them. Sessions without runs/laps are hidden by default. At the bottom of the page is located a link to show them too.

Each session can be opened for a preview with some analysis features. On the right of the session page you will find a button to export and download the data. It will present a popup with the options to export it as CSV, VBO and GPX. Use VBO for applications that support it: VBOX Test Suite, VBOX Circuit Tools, RaceChrono and others.

The option to export as CSV allows you to customize the format and offers several pre-defined setups for popular applications: Telemetry Overlay, RaceRenderer and Serious Racing with more to come. If you need to import into another application/website select the "Custom" option and adjust the settings to your need.

The GPX and KML file formats are generic and include only positional (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude) and time data. They allow you to import the recorded data in various mapping tools but discards any information about G-Forces.

If you don't see all your sessions please start the app on your smartphone and make sure it is connected to the internet. Do not connect the app to your RaceBox device. It will upload your sessions in a few minutes.

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