Return Instructions for RaceBox Products

We understand that to return a product is never a pleasant experience. That is why we offer hassle-free shipping back to our factory. We handle DHL transportation and customs clearances for you. For that, we charge a small rate that covers the shipping costs. However, there are some packaging requirements that you, as a sender, have to comply with. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

RaceBox team will provide you with a DHL waybill that you have to print. You have to contact your local DHL representative and arrange a courier pickup. It is very important to ask them for a small envelope (A4 format). Use it to package the returned item. Do not use any other boxes or forms of packaging. Do not add any additional wrapping. The provided waybill and shipping cost covers transportation in A4 DHL bag only.

If DHL do not provide you with an envelope, contact us immediately.

Please, make sure to ship the unit with its original box and accessories in the envelope.

Any losses or damages that may occur during the shipping process are not our responsibility.

When we receive the device at our factory, we will examine it, and determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. That usually takes around five business days. After that we will arrange shipping back to you. Transport back is at our cost.

Do not ship products back to us using any other means. We may be unable to clear them from customs or receive them. Your products may end up lost or destroyed.

Packaging the device

  • Get the DHL envelope and RaceBox package.

  • Put the transport label in the back of the envelope.

  • Example of the waybill inside of the envelope.

  • Now put you RaceBox inside the envelope.

  • Remove the peel from the envelope.

  • Stick the envelope to close it

  • Example of the final package.

The final weight (and volumetric weight) of the packaging must not exceed 500g (1.1lbs).

If the packaging exceeds the dimensions or weight mentioned above, we will charge you an additional cost for the transportation.

RaceBox Motorsport Llc. and its subsidiaries cannot be held liable for any delays.

RaceBox Motorsport Llc. and its subsidiaries cannot be held liable for any delays in shipping or repairing your item.

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