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RaceBox Mini and Mini S User Manual

RaceBox Mini


RaceBox Mini and RaceBox Mini S come with a built-in Lithium battery. To charge it connect the provided (or compatible) USB Type C cable at the back of the device and plug it into a suitable charger (500mA capable). If the device is not connected to a BLE client (e.g. smartphone) the LED at the top will turn red to indicate it is charging and green when charged completely.


For best performance mount your RaceBox Mini / Mini S according to the following rules:

  • Place the device near the center of the vehicle, preferably completely level.
  • Orient the device with the RaceBox logo towards the sky and the charging port towards the back of the vehicle.
  • Make sure the device has a clear view of the sky. There should be as few obstructions above it as possible. Metal and some windshields completely block the GPS signal.
  • Check that the device is secured in place before using it.

In a car, we recommend placing it in the middle of the dashboard, close to the windshield or in the center of the rooftop or trunk lid. On a bike, you can mount it at the top of the tail.

RaceBox Mini and RaceBox Mini S come with multiple options to secure the device to the vehicle:

  • Magnets - place the device on the rooftop, front hood, or other location of the vehicle. The built-in magnets will hold it in place. Apply the thin Scratch-protect self-adhesive tape from the accessories set to the bottom of the device to prevent damage to the paint. Suitable on most cars with steel panels. Not compatible with aluminum or carbon panels.
    Magnets can lose their strength if exposed to prolonged high temperatures. Do not leave stationary in the sun for extended periods of time.
    The built-in magnets are strong, and using them to mount the device outside the car gives the best GPS reception. However, we do not recommend relying on them at high speeds. RaceBox Ltd is not responsible if the device detaches and gets lost. Warranty does not apply to lost products.
  • High-grip pad - use on smooth surfaces, e.g. bike tail, car dashboard, etc. Place the device on top and press lightly in place. May take a few minutes to achieve full grip. If needed - wash with water to restore full grip strength. Suitable when you often move the device between vehicles or mounting spots.
    If used in a high-temperature environment make sure it has cooled down before removing or the pad may get deformed.
  • Hook'n'Loop - stick one part of the provided self-adhesive hook'n'loop tape to the device, the other to the desired mounting location. Takes up to 24 hours to achieve full adhesion. Suitable for more permanent mounting when you don't expect to change its location or transfer to another vehicle.
  • 1/4"-20 UNC Thread - the device comes with a built-in insert, compatible with most popular camera accessories. Suitable for securing to a roll cage.

Turning On and Connecting

RaceBox Mini and Mini S are always powered on and available to connect, provided the battery is not completely drained. There are no physical switches to turn it on or off. To connect to it use the RaceBox App or other compatible 3rd party application. Once connected, the LED at the top of the device will turn blue and stay lit until disconnected.

LED indicator

RaceBox Mini and Mini S have a single RGB indicator on the top. Blue color means a BLE client is connected, red - the battery is being charged, green - battery charging complete.

RaceBox Mini S also blinks in green when it is recording in standalone mode, blinks in blue if recording is paused due to a configured filter, and blinks in red if it is low on memory or battery.

Environmental Resistance

RaceBox Mini and Mini S are built to resist splashes of water (rain) and dust without damage to internal electronics.

If the device gets wet make sure to clean the charging port before connecting a USB Type C cable to it or use the provided plug to cover it beforehand. Leaving water inside the port while charging will cause rust to both the charging port and the charging cable.

Saltwater may cause damage to the device's shell and water insulation. If using at sea make sure to clean up all water drops afterward.

Gasoline and gasoline fumes are very corrosive. Mounting near gas tank can degrade the device's outer casing very quickly.

Clean with a damp cloth - do not soak in water. Do not use chemicals.

Store in a dry place at room temperatures.

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