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RaceBox Micro User Manual

RaceBox Micro

Mounting Location

For optimal performance, mount your RaceBox Micro according to the following guidelines:

  • Placement: Place the device near the center of the vehicle, preferably completely level.
  • Orientation: Orient the device with the RaceBox logo towards the sky and the power supply input towards the back of the vehicle.
  • Visibility: Ensure the device has a clear view of the sky with as few obstructions as possible. Note that metal and some windshields can block the GNSS signal.
  • Security: Confirm that the device is secured in place before use


  • In cars, place it in the middle of the dashboard.
  • On bikes or scooters, mount it on the handlebars.
  • On RC cars, strap it on top of the battery.

We recommend that you experiment with different locations to achieve best results.

Installation Options

You can either strap your RaceBox Micro with a snap-and-hook or zip ties or utilize the provided screw holes (2.6mm diameter, suitable for M2.5 or 3/32" screws). Do not use adhesive tapes directly on the bare PCB as they may damage the components.

Power supply

  • Voltage Range: Supports DC power input from 3.5V to 16V. For optimal thermal performance, lower voltages (e.g., 5V) are recommended.
  • Current Draw: Less than 1mA in standby (standalone recording disabled, no BLE client connected), 25mA on average when standalone recording is enabled, and up to 40mA during high BLE activity (e.g., downloading recorded data).
  • Recommendation: Use a power source capable of supporting 100mA peaks for stable operation.
  • Connectivity: The device comes with a soldered wire, terminated with a 2-pin 0.1" female header for power input.


  • Single, dual or triple cell lithium battery.
  • In cars and bikes, you can connect it to a USB charger or to the car's 12V rail.
  • On RC cars and drones you can connect it to the control board.

Operating outside the specified voltage range may cause permanent damage to the device. RaceBox Llc will not accept warranty claims for damage caused by improper operation.

Turning On and Connecting

As long as there is suitable power source, RaceBox Micro is On and ready to be connected by a BLE client or to start a standalone recording. There is no additional On/Off switch

Optional Backup Battery

  • Type: Uses a CR1220 coin cell battery to retain GNSS satellite data and real-time clock when not powered.
  • Duration: Lasts at least 2 months. Device functionality such as time to location fix may be affected without the backup battery if no power source is available.
  • Replacement: Remove the battery from the slot at the bottom of the board and insert a new compatible one. The device can operate with CR1216, CR1220 or CR1225 non-rechargeable 3V batteries. Do not use batteries exceeding 3.3V.

Environmental Resistance

RaceBox Micro is a bare board device. Although the RaceBox Micro has a conformal coating, it is not water-resistant. Protect it from dust and moisture.

Operational temperature range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F). Avoid high external temperatures combined with high input voltage to prevent overheating.

LED indicators

RaceBox Micro has four LEDs to indicate its status.

  • BLE: Solid blue - Bluetooth client connected, blinking - no connection.
  • GPS: Solid green - location fix acquired, blinking - searching for satellites.
  • REC: Solid red - recording in internal memory, blinking - recording paused, off - not recording.
  • MEM: Solid purple - memory full, blinking - over 90% full.

During power up the device will light up all indicators. They will go out once it is ready for operation. If instead they all start blinking rapidly there is a fault.

Standalone Recording Button

RaceBox Micro has a hardware button to quickly start/stop standalone recording without having to connect with a phone every time. Press it once to start recording, press again to stop.

Standalone recording, started with the hardware button, will use the last configuration known to the device. You can use the RaceBox Application to configure it once and record as many data sets as you need.

When you attempt to start recording but don't have any available memory the device will briefly blink the purple MEM LED and cancel the recording.

Safety Warnings

  • Always ensure the device is securely mounted to prevent it from becoming a projectile during abrupt movements.
  • Verify the power input specifications to avoid electrical damage.
  • ESD safety: avoid touching the device components, including the ceramic antenna. Handle the board by its edges.
  • The device is CE/FCC/UKCA certified. It is tested and confirmed to comply with the necessary electromagnetic compatibility and electrical equipment safety regulations.


  • Regularly check the device for secure mounting.
  • Use only dry cloth or isopropyl alcohol to clean.
  • Store in a dry, cool place when not in use.

Customer Support

For further assistance, please contact our support team at


  • GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System, technology used for global positioning.
  • BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy, used for connecting the device to other devices wirelessly.
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