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My driving experience

After being a spectator at the Serres Race Circuit in Greece for over 10 years, I finally made it down there as a driver! Wow, what a fun track. It was my first time driving it and to be honest it was a little tricky for me in some of the sectors. I managed to do a somewhat decent laptime after a few drives but was stuck at it afterward for a very long time and just couldn't beat it no matter what I did or tried.

After I went on several track days there, I started noticing a little device on the front windshields of some of the cars. That really piqued my interest and I started chatting with some of the guys that had it. After I found out what it's called (RaceBox) and what it can do, soon enough I was waiting for the delivery of my own RaecBox. I couldn't wait! Finally a much needed tool that not only could help me better my laptimes but also doesn't break the bank like most of the other data-loggers offering the same functionality.

On my next track day at Serres I instantly felt more prepared just by having and setting up the new RaceBox timing gear in my car. After only one lap the device started to show my predicted times, I started to see when and where I lost or gained time and immediately started to improve. During my pit stops, I was able to see clearly where I could improve my cornering speeds using the in-depth, yet very simplified and easy-to-read data analysis from the RaceBox app. After just a few sessions I was able to pull a time of 01:32.1 (a whole second and a half faster than my previous best), which I am sure wouldn't have been possible without the device.

I highly recommend RaceBox to any track day junkie because of the ease of use, the functionality, and the great price. It is an invaluable piece of kit and something that I don't leave for a track day without!

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