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My tuning experience

For more than a year I have been enjoying my BMW X4 M40I and it has been a blast! However, in the last 3-4 months, a question was creeping up my mind - how would the car handle more power? As I knew that the engine (B58) was more than capable of pumping more horsepower, I began my search for the best tune for my car. It led me to bm3. They claimed around 21%HP and 30%TQ increase, compared to the stock car. I ordered the ECU and in about a week I was the proud owner of a tuned X4. However, I wasn't really sure that I felt the change.

Because I didn't have a Dyno or a Drag strip I began to wonder how can I check if the performance claims were right. I started looking around for some kind of a data logger with which I could track my acceleration times and actually see a real world difference in the performance. After some time, I found what I believe looked like the best match between its price point and the functionalities it offered - RaceBox. I ordered one and started impatiently waiting for it to come.

After I finally received it, I wasted no time. It was mounted in my car right away (super easy mounting by the way). I did a couple of runs with the stock ECU, recorded some data and then did the same but with the tuned one. I finally saw the difference! And not only by some HP or NM figures but with real world times for the acceleration of the car.

Thanks to the compare functionality in the dedicated mobile app and the in-depth analysis features, it was really easy for me to see where the car made more power and how it reflected on my 1/4 mile times. My 1/4 mile times went from 12.87 to 12.38 and my 0-100kph times from 4.72 to 4.30.

I am really happy with the results. BM3 helped me improve the performance of my car and RaceBox helped me verify it without the need of a Dyno or professional timing gear.

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